Pizza Grades

As the Frozen Pizza Professor I take my job very seriously with making sure that everyone gets a fair shot at making the grade on our show.  I don’t grade on a curve, there is no extra credit available, and I don’t teach summer school.  Frozen Pizzas get one shot at the final exam and that’s it… here is my grading scale.

A – Stop whatever you’re doing and go buy this frozen pizza.  If you’re at work take some PTO and hit the store and if you don’t have a car steal one and hit the store.

B – Give it a shot… lots of pizzas are worth trying but few are must try’s… those are above.

C – Eh… give it a shot if you love the brand or if it’s on sale but you can probably do better

D – If you have an in-law you hate prepare this pizza for them and do the passive-aggressive smile throughout the meal

F – Only feed to pledges during hell week of fraternity hazing

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