Frozen Pizza Crusts

Many people underestimate the power of selecting the right kind of crust on their frozen pizza… not the team at Frozen Pizza TV. We understand that finding the right crust can often make your break the pizza eating experience that’s why we’ve divided our reviews for every pizza we do into the one of the following 4 categories:

Thin Crust – This frozen pizza traditionally has crust smaller than a thumbtack and usually is the least filling and healthiest option out of all the frozen pizza varieties.

Hand Tossed – The most common form of frozen pizza crust is a staple of the industry and provides a nice experience and usually doesn’t taste to “doughy”.

Deep Dish – With the advent of the “rising crust” pizzas in the mid 2000′s the deep dish era of frozen pizza began. Usually very “hit or miss” these pizzas are very popular with the male audience.

Chicago Style – When it’s deep dish and the sauce is on top of the pizza you know it’s Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. Some of these pizzas weigh a few pounds before they are put in the oven.

2 responses to Frozen Pizza Crusts

  1. I dont get the “hand tossed” frozen crust thing. I personally dont know of 1 frozen pizza company that does hand tossed dough? Please let me know so I may try, I have just never seen it or heard of it. 95% of all frozen pizzas out there are machine made, a machine cannot hand toss dough. Please let me know what brand hand makes their pizza 100% and that 100% hand tosses their dough. I am the pizza guru and love to try ALL pizzas. I will be sending you an email shortly along w some pizzas. Im blown away to read that hand tossed dough is a “staple” of the industry. I have to disagree on that. The industry standard is a machine “pressed ” dough. I am looking forward to hearing which ones are handtossed. Thanks

  2. Hand tossed for this example was meant to be a metaphor of measurement than an actually being physically tossed by hands. It’s difficult to title that “mid range” depth between a crust as thin as Dogtown and as thick as Gino’s East. Based off of the people I talked to and results from the Google Keyword Tool “Hand Tossed” would be the most relevant search term.

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