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Here is our Thanksgiving feast with Matt Kimey!

Other Favorite Sites

November 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

When I’m not reviewing frozen pizzas I have a pretty diverse group of websites that I like to check out. As far as other food review sites I’m a big fan of Greg “The Frozen Food Master” from FreezerBurns & Marvo from The Impulsive Buy. They have pretty different styles… Greg being 100% video and Marvo being 95% text based but I think they’ve both laid a strong standard for the rest of us to live up to.

Recreation sites I like to visit are; from the UK for a little gaming action and Snopes to find out who is spreading all that crazy stuff on Facebook. Also I love FFToday to see who I need to toss in my starting lineup for the rest of the week in my fantasy football league.